Blake, William

Blake, William
   London-born poet, painter and engraver who had a childhood vision of angels and the prophet Ezekiel. It was possibly this early experience that led him in later life to join the Swedenborgian New Church. He wrote and illuminated many books. In 1791 he designed and engraved six plates to Original Stories for Children, by Mary Wollstonecraft, and some to Elements of Morality translated by her from the German. His poem "Everlasting Gospel" attacks the traditional views of Jesus. At his death it was generally held that he was gifted but insane. A bust was erected to him in Poets' Corner of Westminster Abbey in 1957 (see also, Young, Edward). His main books of poems or songs are: Poetical Sketches, 1783. Songs of Innocence, 1789. Songs of Experience, 1794. His poem "Jerusalem" (1804), set to music by Sir Hubert Parry (1848-1918), is better known than his children's hymn "Little Lamb, Who Made Thee?" Some of his other poems: "America: A Prophecy," "Auguries of Innocence," "The Book of Thel," "Gnomic Verses," "An Island in the Moon," "Songs of Experience," "All Religions Are One," "An Ancient Proverb."
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